See you at HackUMass

I am really excited to participate in the HackUMass event this weekend.  IBM is a top Sponsor for the event.  This is Hackathon competition for students in New England who want to build cool software or hardware products over a two days in 36 hours.   I will be a technical advisor,  helping out all the teams with questions about Bluemix, Java and Python.   I am looking forward to the cool apps the teams will create with Bluemix.


See you at the NYC Bluemix Meetup

Really excited to meet you all tomorrow at the NYC Bluemix Meetup. Together we will make it a great session. This Meetup will provide an overview and demonstration of the new IBM Bluemix platform capabilities that were announced at the IBM Interconnect Conference. The Meetup kicks off with an opportunity for networking at 5:30pm with food and beverages.

Location: Midtown NYC (Grand Central vicinity) register to see address.

The second half of the session will be hands on with Bluemix to build a simple iOS App.  So bring your Mac’s.  You can see some of the materials we will cover here:…­ and video tutorial here:…­

Join us in New York City on March 11th for our NYC IBM Bluemix Meetup!

Interconnect Bluemix Dev Experience Capabilities

Here is a quick rundown of some of the new Bluemix Capabilities targeted at the Developer Experience that we are demonstrating at Interconnect 2015 this week.

Bluemix DevOps Service Video link – Youtube video

  1. Bluemix Live Sync – Develop in the Cloud.  Enables you to almost instantly see your code changes running in the cloud immediately with Bluemix.
  2. Unified Dev Ops Services with Bluemix – DevOps is now part of Bluemix experience.
  3. Develop and Deploy Anywhere  ( Pipeline support for containers. )
  4. Deploy to Bluemx – Enables any Git Repository to be deployed to Bluemix.
  5. NodeJS Debugger – Enables you to debug running NodeJS apps including setting breakpoints and debugging parameters.
  6. Java Debugger – Debug Java applications running with a Liberty Runtime on Bluemix.
  7. Deploy to Bluemix Button – Enables you share and allow others to quickly deploy your apps that are in a Git hosted repository to Bluemix.

If you missed my presentation at Interconnect 2015 on the What’s New With the IBM Bluemix Developer Experience you can download the slides here.

Build an iOS App in 10 mins with Monitoring on IBM Bluemix

Excited to see the team deliver new iOS 8 Mobile capabilities on Bluemix.   Here is the link

Here is the Sample Bluelist App to help you get started.  Get the code and follow the directions in the readme.

Here is a video tutorial that I did that shows you how to create a HelloWorld app using the new Mobile capabilities delivered in Bluemix.

Try it out on  Let me know what you think.  Want to hear your feedback.

Using Git With Bluemix

I recently was asked how to use GitHub with Bluemix.  This 5 minute video shows how you can clone your code from your Bluemix Git Repo to a local Git Repo on your client machine and then push it to a remote GitHub Repo. All you have to do is click on “add Git” on your app in Bluemix and then follow the instructions in this video.  When you “add Git” Bluemix clones your code into a DevOps Git Repo.  You can simply use that Git URL to clone that remote Git repository.


Bluemix Developers In Cambridge Meetup

I was happy to have been asked to present at the Bluemix Developers In Cambridge Meetup in July. Here is the presentation that I shared on my experiences using Bluemix with Python. It included moving a Python Django application from Heroku to Bluemix. 

As part of the workshop I covered how to:

• Determine the right delivery solution (Paas, IaaS, SaaS) for your business problem.

• Choose a programming stack and PaaS provider.

• Move your app on to Bluemix

• Collaborate and continuously deliver with DevOps Services

It was an interactive event with lots of great questions.  There is another Bluemix Meetup scheduled for Wed September 17, 2014 in Cambridge at the IBM Innovation Center, 1 Rogers Street Cambridge MA.  Hope to see you there.