Use the Amazon Echo & Dot with the Watson Conversation Service


Imagine making your Alex Skills smarter where you could have a real conversation with Alexa by bringing it the intelligence of Watson.   I have recently created an Alexa-Ask-Watson project enables you to quickly create an Alex Skill using Python that is able to use the Watson Conversation Service  to understand a users utterances, determine they intend and use a dialog to achieve their needs.

The Alexa Skill sends all the utterances the user makes to your Alexa Dot or Echo as text to Watson Conversation service. The text is then analyzed by the Watson Conversation service to determine intents and create a dialog with the user.

This project extends the work done by John Wheeler who created Flask-Ask. Flask-Ask is a Flask extension that makes building Alexa skills for the Amazon Echo and dot easier. Get started with the Flask-Ask quickstart

Get the source code here:


Deploy React Redux to Bluemix

To Create Redux app and component that runs on Bluemix.  Check out

1    First, clone the project:
$ git clone <my-project-name>
$ cd <my-project-name>

2   Install dependencies and check to see it works. It is recommended that you use Yarn for deterministic installs, but npm install will work just as well.
$ yarn install    # Install project dependencies
$ yarn start      # Compile and launch (same as `npm start`)  or $npm run start

3   To deploy to Bluemix using Staticbuildpack
$npm run deploy:prod
$cd dist
$cf push “your app name” -b staticfile_buildpack