Using Deploy To Bluemix Button To Deploy Samples and Starter Templates

You can now quickly create sample apps and starter templates to automate deploying applications to Bluemix. Using the Deploy to Bluemix Button you can quickly share running apps with others. You can read more about it in this blog post from my colleague.   I applied this capability to allow you to deploy your own Django Python app in 2 min to using this starter template that uses the Button

The starter template is on GitHub. It includes a complete and simple helloworld app to get you started with Django Python app on Bluemix.   Give it a try would love to hear your feedback.   Also consider doing same thing with samples you want to share or with others by adding a Bluemix button to your GitHub apps.    Click the Deploy To Bluemix button below to start running your own HelloWorld Python Django app on Bluemix.

Bluemix button

The app will deploy however the initial application start will fail because you haven’t created your postgress database service.
The error messages in the DevOps pipeline services shows you haven’t created your postgresql-qc database service.
Create the postgress service. I used “postgresql-qc” as the name in the manifest file.
Bind the service to your app in the blumix console.
Restart your app in Bluemix
Access the deployed app using the routesURL at the top of your app routesURL/admin
Use admin for user id and password and start creating users.


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