Interconnect Bluemix Dev Experience Capabilities

Here is a quick rundown of some of the new Bluemix Capabilities targeted at the Developer Experience that we are demonstrating at Interconnect 2015 this week.

Bluemix DevOps Service Video link – Youtube video

  1. Bluemix Live Sync – Develop in the Cloud.  Enables you to almost instantly see your code changes running in the cloud immediately with Bluemix.
  2. Unified Dev Ops Services with Bluemix – DevOps is now part of Bluemix experience.
  3. Develop and Deploy Anywhere  ( Pipeline support for containers. )
  4. Deploy to Bluemx – Enables any Git Repository to be deployed to Bluemix.
  5. NodeJS Debugger – Enables you to debug running NodeJS apps including setting breakpoints and debugging parameters.
  6. Java Debugger – Debug Java applications running with a Liberty Runtime on Bluemix.
  7. Deploy to Bluemix Button – Enables you share and allow others to quickly deploy your apps that are in a Git hosted repository to Bluemix.

If you missed my presentation at Interconnect 2015 on the What’s New With the IBM Bluemix Developer Experience you can download the slides here.


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