Bluemix Developer Experience Improvements

The Bluemix Team has been making improvements to allow developers to develop using the languages they want.  Some exciting announcements for new language support (Python, Go and PHP).   The team has also made it easier to create new apps for Web and Mobile.   Learn more here in this blog announcement.


3 thoughts on “Bluemix Developer Experience Improvements

  1. DJ says:

    Hi Carlos!

    Thanks for the post. I’m wondering if there are instructions on how to use Python and BigSQL together. There seems to be only Java related instructions on BigSQL and Python usages.


    • Carlos says:

      Thanks for the comment. I don’t have anything specific to BigSQL. I imagine the approach could be a similar approach as is taken here for Pyhton and Postgres DB.

    • Carlos says:

      You can deploy your Django Python app in 2 min to #Bluemix using this starter template that uses the #DeployToBluemix Button You simply create a BigSQL database service instead of a Postgres one that is use in the tutorial.

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