First Step in a Journey

Python is my programming language of choice.  I recently have deployed Python Apps using Django on Heroku and wanted to see what the experiences would be like to do the same with IBM Bluemix.   I plan on blogging my adventures as I go along.   I hope to share with you what I learn so that other will be able to quickly overcome any challenges that I encounter.  Hopefully you can leave comments and suggestions along the way too.  The views here are completely my own and not my employer. I do this on my own time because I enjoy problem solving and discovering new technology and enabling others on it!!

Learn more about Bluemix on there Docs

At the time of the post Bluemix doesn’t support Python runtime out of the box but you can get Python apps to run on Bluemix.  The first app I build will be based on a Hello World example using Python. Read my next post to learn how to do it.


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